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Your card will have your 1st and last name. No other name or pet name please.
You will receive your card on this address. Ensure you have filled all the details correctly.
This section is to know you better and also invite you for the food events based on your food preferences and expertise

Chose any one - It need not be exact but just closest to you
Just like mother tongue, we want to know the cuisine that you inherited. Just let us know your mother state. E.g. Kerala / Maharashtra etc.
In case you want to add super speciality of cuisines do let us know. E.g. In Maharashtra you can mention Kolhapuri or Khandeshi.
Select max 2. This is not to get the exact cuisine details but just to know a little more about you.

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* The Privilege Card entitles you to exclusive benefits at select places. These benefits may change time to time depending on the restaurants. All these benefits are published on facebook group and uploaded on our website as well. The card does not guarantee any privileges other than published time to time on PEO and website.

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