Fresh Off The Boat – Restaurant

It’s always a matter of extreme happiness when you end up at a place unplanned for your 1st visit and come out very very happy with their food…. Better than you ever expected from it πŸ™‚

Fresh Off The Boat – Restaurant ( FOTB ) – Of course we keep on hearing the name on PEO but it was our 1st visit a few weeks back . We expected it to be very good but our expectations were absolutely surpassed .

In short here are the reasons –

1) Not many places give you an option of Masala for your fish fry . Gavran , Agri and FOTB special . You can chose what you like . We had the samples of all and yes all 3 are distinct and abosolutely fabulous. The proportion and hotness varies and you are left with a lingering sensation of whole spices even after frying , a rarity in deep fish fry.

2) Bombil is my most favorite fish ( pomphret is least ) and while a lot of places in Pune serve great Bombil , I will rate what I had at FOTB as among the best ever , perhaps the best I have had . It’s dried and crisp version and I can’t get over it . If they can deliver it consistently , I do not mind long distance travels πŸ™‚

3) They perhaps have the most loaded sea food Thali in Pune and it’s also a gorgeous visual even before you eat. It has an fried fish ,fish curry , prawns sukha , neer dosa , Prawns pickle , Rice and other accompaniments .
Best part , you can customize it and chose your fave fish πŸ™‚ Love the fact that their is no attempt to tone down the dominant flavors or overuse things which is a norm. Everything is done the FOTB way.

Special mention to Prawns Pickle and Sukha . The Sukha is noting like you see often in a thali. Based in a semi dry , translucent onions and not fully done. The bite of onions , prawns in a minimal spices is what I call a homely prep .  #Briliant .
If there is a list if best Thalis in Pune , FOTB must feature at top.

The solkadhi was very good to and so is are the warm owners. 

Btw , the name Fresh Off the Boat is largelet because the brother Duo of owners , both are were sailors πŸ™‚

Leaving you with some unedited pics … And yes I totally recommend the place πŸ™‚

FOTB is near Dashbhuja Mandir , Kothrud.