Pune Eat Outs Guidelines


While Sharing your experience as a customer / Asking a Recommendation

You are the backbone of PEO. You are everyone and anyone on different days. You are what the ecosystem wants and keeps it going. You are what every restaurants wants and its your appreciation / feedback that makes things better. Please note following when you post on PEO.

1.1 You must mention the name of the place and a brief address and add a few lines and not just a picture. Pictures without details may be removed. We believe everyone can share a few words about food. Of course, no pics of half eaten / completely eaten food, it does not look appetizing even if it was amazing to eat.
1.2 As long as you can express yourself and use simple English, do not worry about jargon or perfect grammar. This is about food and not linguistics.
1.3 You are encouraged and requested to mention the approximate price or a copy of bill so that it helps all and saves people efforts to go online to check prices.
1.4 In case you did not like something or even if the experience was bad you are welcome to share it. Although, be objective and personal about it. Mention what exactly was wrong with it so that it can be improved. This will help restaurant addressing the issue.
1.5 No Blog / Zomato / TripAdvisor / Youtube or any other link. No sharing from anywhere, posting food-realted newspaper cuttings or posting on behalf of someone else. We believe when people generate content right on group, the readers enjoy more. Of course, you can very well watermark your images to protect your work.
1.6 Please make a search before posting a query. A specific stay / food query is welcome about a location - only if its not easily available to search. No generic queries like "Best Misal in Pune" or "Need a Cake" will be allowed. They must be specific to an area / day / additional and specific requirements which are not readily available on the group. If it’s a very recent and exact repeat , it will be removed without any intimation. Someone may tag you on the earlier thread if possible.
1.7 Once the query is resolved, we request you to stop commenting on it. If not, an admin will do it as per his judgment.

You do not need any more guidelines…. keep eating .. Keep Sharing :)

Food Tasting

For all of us who were invited for a promotional event / Complimentary Food tasting

Getting invited indeed means you have certain important credentials either about writing or clicking pics or about knowing your food or all the 3. You have a responsibility of being critical towards the host and honest and complete towards their readers.

2.1 You are absolutely welcome to share your food tasting experience with PEO guidelines mentioned above.
2.2 We must mention that it was a food tasting / done on invitation in the VERY BEGINNING i.e. First Line of the post. You can use the #FoodTasting OR #PEOTasting accordingly. #PEOTasting to be used only when an experience shared of a tasting on PEO Invite. No other long disclaimers needed.
2.3 For every #FoodTasting post one writes , the preceding post must have been that of a self-paid customer experience.
2.4 Please complete one experience in one post so that the readers get coherent information at one place.
Restaurant Owner

For Restaurants / Business Owners

First of all, we love you and your intent to make great Food. We love it every time when you surprise or delight us. Here is what we would request of you.

3.1 Your first Post about introducing your Place is welcome. This Post sets up the tone and is your first interaction with the group. We recommend you make it engaging. Include all your details here.
3.2 No promotional offers and no external links please.
3.3 All PunEOrders.In Partners and #FriendsOfPEO Partners are welcome to post every week. Do include your POI Ordering Page link in this posts.
3.4 All Eat Outs that are not PEO Partners, may post once every Calendar Month, i.e not counted as per the date of posting, but may post in every new Month. Please note monthly posts are only applicable for Food Businesses and not applicable for Stays/Resorts.
3.5 All the food news from you are welcome. Any new and limited time food festival news is welcome. It needs to be a genuine new food attempt and not a post about your weekly brunch or any such event.
3.6 No posts about any entertainment / DJ / Music / Ladies / Comedy night please.
3.7 We love engaging with you and will love to help you as a customer as well. This platform has always added value to Pune food businesses and its ecosystem and will continue to do so with its heart in place and its way.
3.8 There is no difference in what one can post on PEO on the basis on PEO tie ups. Every restaurant, whether #FriendsOfPEO or not,are equally welcome to post, within the mentioned timelines.
3.9 You are welcome to contribute to the group and help people as well. You can definitely recommend your place on relevant queries.
Home Chef Art

For Home Chefs and Home Bakers

You are someone who have changed the dynamics of this ecosystem in the last few years. You are personalized, flexible and very home-like to your clients.

4.1 Like Restaurants, you are welcome to make that Intro Post. Make it awesome. You are requested to mention #FirstPost or #Intropost so that we know its an Intro. No external links (other than POI links) please.
4.2 In case there is something “exceptional” that you are putting in your menu, you can make a post again. Exceptional means something that's available only with you. It does not mean a different version that you make. You can reach out to us in case of any questions/confusion.
4.3 All PunEOrders.In Partners are welcome to post every week. Do include your POI Ordering Page link in this posts.
4.4 All Home Chefs and Bakers that are not PunEOrders.In Partners, may post once every Calendar Month, i.e not counted as per the date of posting, but may post in every new Month.
4.5 You are welcome to recommend yourself on a relevant query. You might want to check if the query is about a Restaurant for a delivery or its open to both. Please be extremely relevant.
4.6 When recommendations are asked, You can put your Facebook / Website links in comments as well. However no screen-shots of any past reviews / ads are allowed.

General Guidelines

5.1 We post either in English / Hindi / Marathi. No Marathi or Hindi typed in English will be allowed. A line or 2 where needed is ok , but an entire post is not.
5.2 Remember we are primarily a platform about Eating Out and sharing about food. Posts about the business, taxes, pricing are welcome for discussion only after you have done your due diligence or want to ask for information. Premature posts defaming anyone are not welcome.
5.3 All experiences must be yours or at least verifiable by you. Sharing viral posts from other sources is discouraged.
5.4 The language on the forum has to be sociable. While this is a fun and not-conservative forum , ANY derogatory words used for “FOOD or PEOple” are not tolerated and will result in removal of post as well as muting / removal of member from the group.
5.5 Food is personal and we take it seriously. It’s ok to have dignified banters in comparing cities / countries for food, however there is no place for disrespect.
5.6 Primary language of PEO is English. However we all love Marathi too. If you are typing in Marathi, make sure your posts does justice to it.
5.7 Let’s avoid “I too had a bad experience” in comments of some other thread. You can be as harsh as possible, as long as you are constructive. You can share your experience as a comment or a new post but please be objective and mention details (new post always recommended). Threads may be stopped if the comments garner negativity and not feedback, but new posts will always be welcome that explain your bad experience at any place.
5.8 At the same time , its okay to share a bad experience at a place loved by many. As long as its objective and constructive, it must be respected. While we can tag the relevant people on it, we request others to respect the experience that did not go well.
5.9 PEO stops commenting on thread that have served purpose or which tend to fireball, especially about the experiences that did not go well. These threads will always be opened again to the place owners and the person making the original post. We may stop threads but never stop anyone from making new valid posts. In fact , we encourage the person posting to stop the thread once he think it has solved the purpose.
5.10 No posts for “non PEO events, WhatsApp group creation , let’s date” - are possible on PEO. No posts about any workshops being held are allowed.
5.11 No offers, no contests and no campaigns without any discussion with Admin.
5.12 We are primarily an eating out forum. Occasional as well as well elaborated home cooking posts are allowed. A rule of thumb is “one well documented , non commercial home cooking post for every 3 eating out posts” is allowed. It’s tough to stick to exact ratio, however the idea is to keep our focus on eating out posts. Mundane posts like making Maggie or Tea may be removed per discretion of Admins.
5.13 Yes we are “Pune Eat Outs”. It means we are about Pune as well as Punekars. Travelling posts from Punekar’s are welcome.
5.14 We do not encourage forwarded / shared Jokes , funny posts. They may be possible on their merit if they are indigenous. They can be taken off based on Admin’s judgment. A lot of times whats a new and a funny one to oneself many not mean the same for others. Also,we cannot have some of us posting only jokes and no food. ‘Guess where?’ posts may also find it tough to stay on PEO.
5.15 There is nothing personal or nothing to get angry when a post is removed. It just means that it did not fit in on the group as per the Admins understanding. If you still have questions, you may email us with post details on support@puneeatouts.in You will get a revert within 24 Hrs. A new post on the group asking why a post was deleted will be deleted again. PLEASE NOTE, Facebook search has a lot of issues. A lot of times, not able to find posts does not mean it has been removed.
5.16 The content in the post belong to their respective owners and is their perosnal opinion. All the responsibilities related to post belongs to the writer. If you feel that any content posted here is a violation of your copyright or any other concerns, please write to us at support@puneeatouts.in and we will take corrective actions.

Above all, these are some guidelines for everyone to understand and make use in keeping the group awesome. It’s very human to attempt to find grey areas and bypass guidelines. Hence, an admin’s understanding will be important above all the guidelines. We are a human platform and we will remain subjective.

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PEO Card

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Intended at providing more value every time you Eat Out and Stay Out.

Valid from 1st February till April 2021.

A distinguished identity for PEO members.

The offers may change subject to Restaurants/Resorts.

More places are added as we progress. Please do check the Pune Eat Outs FB Group, PEO Privilege App or the PEO Website for detailed privileges.


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