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What is PEO Card & how do I get one ?

The PEO Privilege Programme (or the PEO Card) is available only through our dedicated ‘PEO Privilege’ mobile app. It offers the best deals and discounts (privileges, as we call them) at Pune’s top and favorite Restaurants and Resorts around.

New PEO Cards launched in August 2021 will now be valid till 30th April 2022. There are no limits for the number of bookings and on availing the privileges throughout this duration!

During this period, PEO Card Holders can make the most of PEO Privileges at your favorite Restaurants, Cafes and Resorts in and around Pune.

The programme focuses on quality over quantity. PEO works with only selected partners, gets you their best offers and is open only for limited number of members. The offers do not limit to discounts but also include Experiences, Set Menus as well as Unlimited options.

Current PEO Cards are aimed at promoting responsible and safe dining experiences while supporting everyone’s favorite Eat Outs and Hospitality Industry.

Now, browse through Home Chefs, Home Bakers, Fresh Produce, Groceries, Pet Food and also Restaurants and #OrderIn from your Favorite Places and enjoy the Experience at home.

Log on to www.puneorders.in from the PEO App and start ordering Food with the Best Offers around, thanks to No Commissions to the Vendors! You don’t need a PEO Card, either.

All you have to do is download the PEO Privilege App from the Play Store / App Store, fill in some basic details and your fully digital PEO Card is ready. You can start enjoying your PEO Privileges immediately through the App!

Highlights of PEO Card

New PEO Cards now valid till 30th April 2022.

An Exclusive Identity for PEO Members.

A one-of-a-kind dining experience every time you Eat Out.

PEO Cards are now fully digital - Download the PEO Privilege Mobile App!

Book your offer at #FriendsOfPEO restaurants through the PEO App.

Only the best of deals at Pune's best places.

Your #FriendsOfPEO privileges will be valid till 30th April 2022. The offers and partners may be updated as the period progresses.

Get the Best Value every time you Eat Out or Stay at a PEO Resort Partner.

Frequently Asked Questions

Download the PEO Privilege Mobile App from Playstore/Appstore. Register with a valid mobile number, follow the process and Bingo! Your fully digital PEO Card is ready to use.
The PEO Card 2021 is valid starting from the day you become a Card Holder till 30th April 2022. This highly discounted version of the PEO Card is intended to boost responsible dine-in.
PEO is about exclusivity and quality more than quantity. We do not plan to cover every place in neighborhood and focus only on the Best of Brands, with the Best of Offers which you would not find elsewhere. We curate our partners carefully so that the evolved foodies get only the best. PEO Privileges are not only available at #FriendsOfPEO restaurants, but also at Food Fests and Events thought the year all over Pune. Additionally, you get Resorts & Stay Options in and around the city, ordering personalized cakes from talented Home Bakers and much much more with PEO Privilege card!
#FriendsOfPEO restaurants are announced on the PEO Facebook group as and when we onboard them throughout the duration. However, almost all the restaurants are on the Programme at the time of launch itself. Additionally, the PEO Privilege App is open to every non-Card Holder as well. You can browse through all the privileges, deals, events and offers and make an informed and wise decision of getting yourself a PEO Card.
PEO Cards are personalized. They cannot be transferred or refunded.
PEO aims at enabling you to have one-of-a-kind dining experience every time you Eat Out. In order to help us in doing so, let's read, respect and follow guidelines and TnCs mentioned for each offer. Always reserve before visiting the restaurant, inform the staff about your PEO Card and enjoy your meal. In case of any issues, feel free to get in touch with us.

We hope these FAQs help you while taking a purchase decision. In case of any further questions or if you have any suggestions on more questions that we should answer here, please drop us an email on support@puneeatouts.in