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पुण्याचे खाद्यप्रेम अनुभवलय ?What is PEO ?

Pune Eat Outs is Pune’s premier and most popular social food community. What started off as a journey of simply sharing food-related experiences in the city, is today a thriving community of PEOple, restaurateurs, home chefs, and much more. Despite being over 1,70,000 in number we’re super active and yet we’re a closely-knit bunch of enthusiastic souls.

Bringing together food experts, restaurateurs and everyone who loves to eat - since 2005. For over 15 years we have bonded over the common love for food, not only online, but also offline through regular PEO Meets and PEOple Connects - igniting a community spirit that moves us to do more and better every time!

PEO is a family and it's PEOple make it what it is today.

What makes PEO truly unique is the genuine bond between food lovers and food creators; helping the culinary landscape of Pune evolve. As the bridge between these two sides of the same coin becomes stronger, the social currency of PEO is being measured in laughs and memories.

Pune Eat Outs 'coz Pune Eats Out!

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#PEOpleStories: The Fish Thali

PEO Exclusives Mar 8, 2021
The Fish Thali, Tukaram Paduka Chowk, FC Road Pune #PEOpleStoriesMother is the necessity for invention. Yes you read that write and I did NOT right it wrong …..sorry you read that RIGHT and I did not WRITE it wrong. But seriously, in this story of The Fish Thali, a mother is the hero and it is indeed a privilege for me to know her in person. And the mother is Mrs. Rajashree Samel – the main driving force of The Fish Thali and whose son Hrishikesh and daughter-in-law Shibani, all together are the ones who steer this amazing food bandwagon to glory. Going back in history just a little bit, Hrishi and Shibani or none of their family were in the restaurant business and these two were going about their dull jobs in the management domain. And one day, Hrishi said Enough is Enough. He quit his job and decided to venture into the food and catering domain. They started off with a small cafe in town and then slowly amplified their goals to opening up a bigger place. Hrishi also started his catering services in the form of canteen catering in major IT companies in Pune while managing his other eatery skillfully. Hrishi’s father was a huge foodie, rather a super-huge foodie and was always very curious when food was being prepared, prompting his wife to add this or that in the dish being cooked. Basically, he was super eager to try out new dishes and eateries in all the different cities he stayed in India during his employment years before finally settling down in Chiplun. And from what Hrishi and Shibani described I would say that his wife, Rajashree Samel was not his better half but his amazing integral half, who stood by her husband like his shadow all along. Unfortunately, the father was diagnosed with cancer and he lost the battle after 3 years of putting up a huge fight. The loss was an irreparable one to the family but mostly left an enormous void in the life of Mrs. Rajashree Samel. She was not a social person at all and Hrishi and Shibani could see their mother was sinking in the sadness and something had to be done urgently to get her back to ‘life’. It was a well-known fact to the entire family that Mrs Samel had learnt a lot of recipes and picked up clever tricks and tips all throughout her life, from various cities she stayed with her husband. So there was this perennial joke in the family that she should start a fish eatery putting her culinary skills to good use. One more striking fact of the mother is that she is excellent in her measures of ingredients to be put in her recipes. She knows the quantity of ingredients to be put in the recipes by hand, literally and that makes the recipe perfectly delicious. There is absolutely no alternative to this method in this world. Initially, Hrishi and Shibani were both a bit apprehensive whether Mrs. Samel would be able to work in a commercial environment as there is quite a big difference in managing the home kitchen and a commercial one. But to their surprise, Mrs. Samel accepted the challenge confidently and that ignited the idea for their new restaurant. Luckily, the Samels got a prime location on FC road for their new venture and upon much racking their brains about a name for it, they simply decided to name it The Fish Thali as they wanted to concentrate only on seafood and nothing else, no mutton, no chicken but just seafood. And the name rightfully portrays the same without any distraction. Cooking apron on, Mrs Samel today has become a darling figure among the regular customers of The Fish Thali. She has trained the chefs well and when you eat at this restaurant, you will realise that these are absolutely and genuinely home recipes that you must have had either at your own place or at a relative’s or friend’s place. There is zero commercial factor in the recipe and it just gives you that level of satisfaction which is nothing short of divine. I have eaten multiple times at the Fish Thali and trust me, the experience is nothing short of “maa ke haath ka pyaar-bharaa khaanaa”. Mrs Samel exudes warmth, love, passion, care for everything and it is a delight talking to her. She wholeheartedly comes out of the kitchen to talk to her customers and there is no absolutely no hiding of any trade secrets when it comes to explaining the recipes to them. She and also everyone else knows that no one can copy her magic, no matter how meticulously follow her recipes to the dot. The magic lies within the magician and not the recipe. Moral of the story: There is no moral to the story. There is a portal to this story www.puneorders.in/peo/thefishthali where you can order this supremely delicious seafood and enjoy your meals to the satisfaction of your soul. And in other fantastic news!! – Now you can also unleash the magician in you with The Fish Thali. TFT is now introducing DIY (Do It Yourself) Sea Food Kits for your cooking pleasure at home. Cleaned fish/prawns along with those amazing masalas and marination pastes from their kitchen and of course abundance of love from mother Mrs. Samel, will make your family meals very memorable. I am sure this is music to the ears who are huge, loyal fans of TFT and those who haven’t yet tried TFT, you are missing one of the best seafood in Pune, big time. So this is the right time to order!! PEOple Story by Amit Dharwadkar
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Pune Eat Outs & PunEOrders.In!

PEO Exclusives Mar 3, 2021
Started in 2005 by Mr Aniruddha Patil, ‘Pune Eat Outs‘ is a community most loved and trusted not only by the PEOple of Pune but by travellers and restaurants too. An interactive platform for sharing experiences of food destinations as well as queries, updates about the latest events or newly launched restaurants and cafes in Pune, India and much more, the ever-enthusiastic 1.75 Lakh+ #PEOple have been contributing to the community. With PEO connects, quarterly PEO meets, Chef’s tables, PEO Privilege Programme, ‘Pune Eat Outs’ has been rightly contributing to the food scenario in Pune over all these years. The #PEOPrivilegeProgramme, or the #PEOCard, offers the best of privileges at restaurants and cafes- #Friendsof PEO as we call it, along with privileges at #ResortsonPEO, the most happening food fests in the city, as well as ordering cakes or seafood. Along with a lot of love and respect, ‘Pune Eat Outs’ has received numerous awards over the years as well as media features and a Wikipedia page. Visit our website at https://puneeatouts.in/. This is the age of #ThinkLocal, #EatLocal & #SupportLocal. With the pandemic bringing change in all aspects of the industry, we introduced a food delivery platform of the #PEOple, by the #PEOple, for the #PEOple- www.PunEOrders.In. With a No Commission & No Middlemen Policy and assistance with direct orders to the restaurants, we aim to support the city’s local businesses- local Eat Outs, home chefs, bakers, daily essential providers as well as delivery agencies. Since we’re talking about food.. we Indians love ginger and if you’re up to make some ginger candies, we suggest you have a look at this fun & easy recipe here by Bella Cupcake Couture! Bella Cupcake Couture is a one-stop hub for all your baking lovers. Recipes, hacks, baking essentials & everything you need for your baking sesh! Time to turn those Sunny Afternoons into fun with Bella CupCake Couture!!
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#PEOpleStories: Couches..ThePatisserie

PEO Exclusives Feb 22, 2021
Here’s a Story of a young and passionate girl, Anushka Jaju who one sudden night thought of dropping CA and decided to pursue Hotel Management, to change her #Passion for baking into #Profession. Yes! I know that sounds strange but life is all about following our #Passion, right? She has always been a Baking & Cooking fan since her childhood and no doubt being passionate about the same made her take this decision! Although it takes great courage to leave what you’re currently working on and start something new, completely from scratch, Anushka chose to take the risk! Her journey from dropping CA to becoming a Home- Baker must have been surely amazing and therefore we talked to her about the same and here’s what she shared about her experience with us! She completed her graduation from IHM Jaipur in 2019 and was trained with a 5-star property in Pune and later decided to open up a venture named Couches…The Patisserie (Her Home-Based Baking Business). When asked about the Challenges, Family Support and Inspiration she received, Anushka says, “With no base business, Starting from scratch wasn’t at all easy. The supply or raw material, purchase for machinery etc, this is when I came to know that I had to put in days & nights to make Couches! Fortunately, I never had to convince my family about this Venture as they are the ones who had supported me thoroughly & (still do). The venture that it is today I absolutely dedicate to my parents, sister & family!” Being a Passionate Baker, Anushka likes to bake cakes and likes working especially on Buttercream cakes. She likes to keep her cake’s look- Simple, Sober and Elegant! Who doesn’t like Simplicity and after all, who doesn’t like cakes? Couches offer both- Buttercream and FondantCakes based on their customer preferences and, of course, both are definitely worth trying! PEOples’ Favourite at Couches…The Patisserie is her Super-Duper-Hit Belgian Chocolate Cake, which is her best seller and PEOples’ other favourites include Rainbow cake, Red Velvet, Pineapple & Blueberry! Recently she has introduced ‘Whole Wheat Pizza’s’ which she says is another hit! With such great talent and a great response for her cakes at such a young age, Anushka seeks to expand her Home-Baking Business by having an Outlet for Couches, by the end of next year! Lastly, Anushka thanks Pune Eat Outs for providing her a platform from which she received a huge response and could grow her business so well! She adds, “So much of gratitude & love to Pune Eat Outs! Not forgetting to mention the quick response of the team for any help required! Cannot thank you all enough!” We wish Anushka, a Great Future and More Success for Couches…The Patisserie! #OrderIn from https://puneorders.in/peo/couches/ for your cake cravings! #PEOpleStory by Vanshika Ghag

लयं भारी ... एक नंबर !Friends of PEO

हेल्मेट नंतर सगळ्यात उपयोगाची वस्तु !PEO Privilege Programme

The PEO Privilege Programme is perhaps a first-of-its-kind of an initiative from a social group. The programme manifests itself in the form of a digital app and card that aims at giving a distinguished identity and a range of exclusive dinning privileges to every member.

The programme is aimed at a close-knit ecosystem, and every facet of every benefit has been curated to get food creators and food lovers closer than ever before. It’s an annual programme but due to the changing scenario in the pandemic, PEO Cards launched in January 2021 will be valid from 1st February till 30th April 2021.

Throughout the year, we work out some brilliant privileges at select places in and around Pune, and only for a select number of PEO Privilege Members. The privilege offers are more than simple discounts – they’re the perfect amalgamation of the best offerings and unique privileges from some of the most loved restaurants in Pune. And those that have experienced being a PEO Privilege Member in the last 5 years will vouch for the same. This year we promise you the same experience, if not an even more elevated one!

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