Pune Eat Outs 'coz Pune Eats Out!

Uday Potdar

PEOple since 2014

PEO is the vision that has accrued to being a movement largely by the PEOple, of the PEOple and for the PEOple , the vision which saw realisation as the belief took shape in the grey cells of our PEO man , our irrepressible Aniruddha Patil , and , vitally as he guides – shapes – energises it into being an entity of note that plays a role in the evolving food scene of Pune .

PEO is an indispensable connection between food, plate and person . The bonding that emerges as connections for life .

PEO activities have generated an unparalleled much learning awareness on the subject ” Food ” that goes beyond just being food – into the inner realms of what food actually means and conveys .

It is all about giving food the respect , place and time it deserves as it comes nearest to what means ” Life ” – what can be more precious than that – food is the vital link that nourishes the form of life .

Heartfelt wishes to PEO and to the value it adds , a smile that it brings , the fun quotient that it generates and the connection that it means .