Pune Eat Outs 'coz Pune Eats Out!

Manu Gulati

Founder and Owner, Effingut Brewerkz

Effingut is because of PEO and the PEOple. We’ve always been a family that has worked together.

Aniruddha is a friend and someone I have always gone to for advice. The support and the encouragement that PEOple have given Effingut is overwhelming. They have stood by us during all our highs and the lows. It is quite impossible to imagine Effingut without the PEO element. I feel grateful to have been a part of this community that’s so strong and passionate about what they do. From curating special menus, planning a new pub launch, the Oktoberfest madness or the Legendary Craft Beer launches, PEO has always showered us with lots of love and have stood by us through every step, be it in Pune or outside of Pune.
PEO is a part of the Effingut family and we look forward to a happily ever after!