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With all honesty, I always wanted to give this place a shot, thanks to the fancy name, its all-eggs breakfast dishes, and value for money offers.

Thanks to #BejoyPeters (who sat here, waiting for me!) for suggesting this place, and ensuring that we didn’t move out from here, in spite of our plan elsewhere. So glad we didn’t!

The ambience of this quaint and quirky place is inviting, and there’s a tiny little shelf with the latest thrillers, fiction and inspirational books, available for a quick read, as one saunters through the not-so-confusing menu card available.

The lady at the counter was kind enough to suggest the specials at Andaground, and I’m glad we did ask her for help in choosing the best.

Egg Monaco

#EggMonaco – A thin #almostpizza, yet an omelette dish, with a generous topping of boiled egg cuts, chopped onions and parsley. Lest I forget, this pizza-esque delight was downed by both of us in a matter of minutes. The salad dressing sachets weren’t really required. Loved this dish, and recommend this starter to one and all!

#ChickenEggKheema – When in doubt, and dimaag karde mushkil jeena, just turn to Kheema. Scrambled eggs, minced chicken, pepper, garlic, butter, spices and a whole lot of taste! Add to this an extra serving of Amul butter, and grilled white bread; and lo! You have a winner. A heavy duty meal, and one where the calorie counter needs to.be neatly tucked away, while indulging into! A complete meal in itself.

Chicken Egg Kheema

#SpicyChickenWings: Not too spicy to our liking, and the mustard-based dressing was a bit too strong. I’d suggest 2 plates for each person, in case you’re craving for chicken wings. One plate won’t be able to whet large appetites at all!

#ExpressoCoffee: Loves the strong, pitch dark brew which was very refreshing and soothing for the throat.

The service was swift, the lady managing the counter was cheerful, and went to great lengths in ensuring that the food reached us pipping hot, and with the right set of accompaniments and cutlery too.

Two sets of high-fives to the team, and a shoutout to the management for maintaing a wonderful #eggsforlove establishment, where eggs rule the roost, and #egglovers can unite!

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This post is taken from Abhishek Harry Haridasan ‘s post in Pune Eat Outs.

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