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Arihant Misal, Chinchwad and New Sangvi

I had the Desi Ghee Misal and the Special Misal. The Special is served with grated Cheese, a mound of butter and a very tiny portion of dahi.

It’s is really the best Misal I have had yet in the Greater Pune area.

The spice level is just right and doesn’t stupefy or paralyse your taste buds, while the flavour of Desi ghee is cherry on top. Lovely lovely.

The grated cheese does subdue the flavour profile quite a bit, so you’ll not be tasting the real deal. But it is good nonetheless.

They gotta focus on plating well and it’d be great to have chopped onion on the side.
The portion size isn’t that inspiring, but it’s good enough.

Bhadang Bhel

Also tried the Bhadang Bhel and it was a pleasant surprise. Fresh bhadang doesn’t turn soggy that quick, and there’s a plethora of crunch elements in it to keep you interested till the end.

Wanted plain Taak(buttermilk). Got it at Chinchwad but was refused at Sangvi.
Found both branches consistent with respect to flavours – which is reassuring.

Sangvi is closer home, so that’s gonna be my go-to Misal den here on!

The Misal is priced between ~70-100 ₹ while the Bhel is ~45 ₹

This post is taken from Sudhir Mahishi‘s post in Pune Eat Outs.

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