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I have been seeing all those wonderful posts about Cafe idli and those droolworthy pictures were killing me. For some reason I was under the impression they cater for minimum 10 people. (Apparently, the minimum order should be only Rs.500) So, I was patiently waiting for my family to get together and finally got that opportunity yesterday.

I searched a few posts on Peo page and called the number which was promptly answered by Jyothi. She, very patiently answered all my queries and helped me finalise the menu. I asked her to keep the spice level to medium as we have kids in our family.

Delivery was agreed upon by 1 pm which was a bit of a concern, as my family eats a bit early. She accepted my order even though it was well after her ordering deadline the previous day. The next day, I called her around 12 pm as I was a bit anxious about the delivery time and to my surprise she informed me that the food was already out for delivery. The food reached us just in time, everything looked and smelled so good.

The Malabar chicken curry was a super hit with the kids et all. So was the chettinad chicken curry and the chicken varattiyathu. The vegetarian people had the avial. The accompanying appams and parottas just flew off the table. Everyone kept asking me how did you get the spice level just right??! What did you tell her? 🤔(Did I??). The food extremely aromatic and flavourful but nowhere spicy. And the portions quite generous! Except for an occasional ‘more chicken’, ‘more appam’ breaking the silence the usual chitter chatter was missing at the table!

Just a couple suggestions

1. To keep a banana leaf/butter paper in between two appams to keep them from sticking.

2. Maybe more meaty chicken pieces in the curry. Some of them were too bony. Also if you can try and keep the chicken bit more moist, especially for the dry chicken dish.

Appam although were just right in taste and texture is just not a good idea for a takeout or delivery. You need to have them right off the pan. We did reheat them in the microwave before serving.

Overall, good food, a happy tummy with your loved ones is a perfect recipe for one Happy Sunday!! Thank you team Cafe Idli!!!

One of my sister’s was missing as she wasn’t in town.. but that gives us just more reason to order from you soon. Best wishes always and keep dishing out the good stuff👍

Apologies, for the picture… that’s the best I could manage before the kids dived in..

This post is taken from Shilpa Tanksale- Rajwade‘s post in Pune Eat Outs.

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