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Has expertise stamped all over , every aspect of this breathes excellence which has been gained from not maybe few hours of making , but years and years of expertise with an accumulated achievement .
So we’re getting those years of experience behind its success and of course its repeated efficient recreation which maintains those gold standards .


* The colour – dark brown tending towards black , without a trace of visible oil – the exact spicing – ( Jitin goes quite a mile to source his masala ingredients eg. Hira hing from Delhi , black peppers from Kerala etc .) to maintain the flavour genuinity of the final product . All the masalas are prepared at home . The spice mixes are ground with the traditional methods , and , crucially in repeated batches to preserve their potency, flavour and essential oils .

*Perfectly cooked Chole – the optimal softness to maintain the bite. The homogenization of the mix is a wondrous aspect and it is achieved only after you’ve got the processes right, with a hawk-eye attention to it fineries of making – from the soaking of the Chole till the last bubble has seen the boil.
It does feel a certain congrous bite, where all the elements have gelled well.

* The balance of flavours is crucial, a sort of acquired harmony on the palate – you don’t feel a trace of any element in excess – everything is optimally proportioned – be it the evolved thickness of the gravy – the thickness achieved from a certain sticky proteinaceous ooze of the soaked and cooked Chole – and from Biji’s ( familial recipes handed down the ages ) words of wisdom – this is the most vital aspect of it’s making . There are scores of factors to be considered before Biji’s familial recipe becomes even remotely successful. They immensely succeed following those traditional recipes initiated by Biji – and we thankfully are blessed with a sublime CHOLE. The freshness and coarse grind of the spice mixes is evident.

What immediately strikes is the non oily demeanor of the well fluffed out Bhature , and here the dough making and frying technique are crucial ( in their beauteous appearance ) – the proportions of constituent flours , kneading , resting , the temperature of the frying oil etc. . All crucial and unmissable .
* The perfectly fried golden brown puffed out bhaturas the upper layer thin and crisp and the thick -soft base . The atta seemed to have a high fibre content which gave it a nice well cooked doughy bite – a super coarse feel . Above all they were absolutely non oily and the fingers had very faint traces of oil when eating .

* They were served with freshly cut raw onion doused with a super light green chutney ( try guessing the ingredients on your visit ) and green chillies coated with a mustard ground – were not spicy at all ( were they de-seeded ) .
The simple looking chutney too is an optimal balance of it’s well proportioned ingredients – the spice , tang , cooling , saltiness make it an able ally .
The onion slivers are separated which gives it an ease to handle . The attention to the smaller things – gives it overall success .
Their largesse is heartily evident in their hospitality and the Chole re-serves.

Their Delhi origins , recreating familial recipes and importantly its diligent recreation here , makes it a preferred choice .Priced Rs.100/-

Shop no.2 , Simran Seashells Society , Nibm Post Office Road , Salunkhe Vihar Society , Pune
11am – 11pm

This post is taken from Uday Potdar‘s post in Pune Eat Outs.

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