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A cute and cosy place has just made its debut in Kothrud and is a much-needed addition to the food scenario here. Having lived in Kothrud for most of her life, Saili Jahagirdar Mirikar, the owner, felt the need of a good Chinese and Asian serving place and thus the idea of ‘Zillionth Bistro’ was born. Located in the lane of Kheliya on Paud Road, this place has a peaceful and welcoming vibe to it.

Here are our top 5 reasons why you must visit ‘Zillionth Bistro’:

1. Delicious Food:
Serving Chinese and Asian cuisine, ‘Zillionth Bistro’ offers you variety of soups, appetizers, mains, noodles & rice. In addition to this, the place introduces you to Chinese sizzlers and some unique dishes like Orange Chicken and Kaffir Lime Chilli Paneer. With fresh local produced used for cooking and a ‘No MSG – No Ajinomoto – No artificial colours policy’, you know Zillionth Bistro is here to care about you.

Image Credits: Chaitra Gindi

2. Pet-friendly:
With its arms wide open, Zillionth Bistro is all set to welcome your furry kids. You needn’t worry about leaving your pets at home while you enjoy your dinner as Kothrud is now blessed with a pet-friendly place.

3. Co-working Cafe:
Work…WiFi…Coffee… You know what I mean, right? Yes, ‘Zillionth Bistro’ is a co-working cafe too. Not to forget the delicious food to keep you company while you work!

Soya Honey Glazed Chicken Wings
Image Credits: Chaitra Gindi

4. Wings by the Dozen:
Hosting a party and can’t decide where to order from? Well, Zillionth Bistro has got it all sorted for you! This place not just caters to your party orders, but has introduced a unique concept too-Wings by the Dozen. The next time you want to buy a dozen or more delicious chicken wings, you know where to head to.

5. Upcycled Interiors:
Almost 85% of the interiors at ‘ Zillionth Bistro’ have been made using upcycled products, right from the table tops of tiles to the sofa covers made with jeans. The decor here is minimal with cute and eye-catching illustrations of food, hanging on the walls.

Image Credits: Dr Anupam Potdar

It may be the ‘Zillionth’ place serving Chinese and Asian cuisine, but it looks promising.
It’s time you visit ‘Zillionth Bistro’ to have a heartwarming meal this weekend.

Zillionth Bistro
Shop No 10, Sheshadri Apartments, Paud Rd, Rambaug Colony, Kothrud, Pune, Maharashtra 411038

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