Pune Eat Outs 'coz Pune Eats Out!

Feature Image Credits: Alok Patil

The temperatures in Pune are dropping low, and we’re sure you must be planning campfires and BBQ parties already. While this has become quite popular over the years, we thought we should introduce you to something unique- Popti.

Popti is a unique dish that celebrates the harvest of the vaal (field) beans in the Northern Konkan areas, mainly the Raigad district of Maharastra. Traditionally made in an Earthern pot, this dish is mainly made using beans, chicken and eggs.

An earthen pot is first filled with bhamburdi leaves and then layered with beans, vegetables, eggs and chicken marinated in masalas. The pot is carefully sealed and buried partially, upside down. It is covered with wood and dried leaves and set on fire to cook for about half an hour.

Picture Credits: Nilesh Chavan

The traditional cooking technique requires no water or oil and adds a rustic smokey flavour to the dish.

Under the winter night sky, the celebration starts with friends and family over conversations and games.

This seasonal delicacy is quite an experience in itself and is available only till the winter’s end.

Image Credits: Nilesh Chavan

Punekars! Make your travel plans to Konkan for a one-of-a-kind experience.

P.S. Those who can’t, don’t be disappointed. Head to Hotel Kanji in Mahalunge and Aajol in Khopoli for Popti parties.

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