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Idliwale , Baner

Who travels from VimanNagar in these rains to Balewadi do eat Idli ?? We did and of course there was a reason . This place that opened yesterday , plans to make Idli Great again and give Pune what needs more of .

And why not ? The menu has 4 main Dishes .. the place loves you standing and eating ( remember the legendary Bangalore outlets ?) and projects Idlis as not just breakfast and meals as well .

Here is what we finished between 2 of us 🙂

1) Kundapur Chicken Curry with Idli – Mildly spiced curry with native spices you would associate with the region and good hint of coriander seeds with perfectly cooked steaming hot chicken curry with Idlis and Radish and Groundnut slaw .

2) Idli Chutney – Rather chutneys . There is a Green Coriander , Daala ( डाळ्या) ,Coconut one like you would get at Brahmins in Bangalore .. they proudly mention it’s inspired . You also have a very Maharashtra inspired Daalya and groundnut one and a third one is a Podi but pumped up version than the texture laden , low on flavors one you will have with Ghee.
Not to miss the drops of Curry leaf oil and chilli oil.

When was the last time you had idli like this ????

3) Idli Sambar – Finally well spiced , freshly made without any ready masalas and with a LOT of vegetables Sambar in Pune. Note for me a good sambar is not sweet , spicy or tangy it’s somewhere in the middle with all notes present .

4) Meatball Chettinad Style with Idli – Yo , it’s mutton and idli . Juicy keema balls , almost melt after a few bites in a spicy Chettinad curry is what I call a dream dish :)) please keep that spoon back , use your hands , crush the idlis and let your food fantasies fulfill..

In all these combos , do not miss the Hero ….The Idlis…. Right coarse , non sticky , porous , non dense idilis served hot or warm depending on your choice of combination.

Next time….. You think of eating something new …Yet something native , original and comforting … think Idliwale…Do yourself a favor and try it out soon.

Location –
Near Amar Paradigm,
The lane of Patang / 1 BHK
Baner – Balewadi

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