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Jogi Ke Chole Bhature,
Amrut ganga heights street, Niranjan Park, Anand Nagar, Pune, Maharashtra 411051

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Let’s make 2020 most happening by having the best street food of Pune.

I was in search of the best chole bhature in town. I’ve tried Raju uncle which is the most famous in Pune for chole bhature but it’s not for a person like me. Next stop was Jogis chole bhature suggested by Vijay Jadhav and trust me whatever he recommends never disappoints.

So coming to the Jogi, the restaurant is at the end of khau galli and it’s hard to locate so go with google again as always. Simple open seating, everything was clean and hygienic.

Chole bhature (70/-) – Chole was the best ones I had in recent time. The masala was perfectly blended and gave a nice balanced flavor. The chole had medium thick gravy which is much needed for chole bhature. I don’t prefer watery gravy because it then become like rassa. The chole was cooked perfectly and the gravy complimented it very well. The bhature was huge and to my surprise wasn’t at all oily. Mostly we get oily bhature because of the way it’s made but the ones you get here are dry and fluffy to the core. The best combination for me.

Gulab Jamun (50/-) – Two big gulab jamun which is must after having chole bhature. Balanced sweetness and it really does the work.

So if you really into street food and can travel any distance for stuff like this then definitely visit this place. It won’t disappoint for sure.


This post is taken from Swapnil Shinde‘s post in Pune Eat Outs.

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