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There was a time when anyone wanted to open something new they would for sure try to make it in or around Koregaon Park.

But off late all good places seem to be opening Deccan and uske paar! ( Futuristic people know that Pune Metro bringing places closer ๐Ÿ˜œ )

Thus when I was told of a new kid on the block ( Read Olive Wheat Grape) in the lane of the first kid on the block ( Le Plassir) I wasn’t surprised. And the sheer fact that the husband wanted to take me across the town braving the metro work assured me I was in for a treat when finally invited for a #PEOTasting.

Spicy Kokum Margarita

There we were in the crowded Prabhat Lane, and I saw a place with huge glass walls and tables next to the glass not to mention reserved PARKING, I jumped down and skipping in I went.

Shyam was already there before us ( he also took a short class on how to click pics) and had taken a tour of the place.

While we waited for our fellow diners, I took in the ambience. Nice muted lights, nothing glaring in your face nor so dim that you couldn’t see what you ate. Soft music in the background making a perfect backdrop to drown out the traffic noise yet allow you to have a conversation without shouting at each other.

We were offered two of their mocktails
Spicy Kokum Margarita:– Spicy chillie balanced with the tangy Kokum and Cuddles on the Beach:– A guava and pineapple juice base, uncommon and spot on. Both were excellent. Not sugary sweet.

Now as those of you who have been part of PEO Tastings would know, there are two things that go hand in hand here
1. No food wastage
2. It’s about showcasing dishes which the chef feels the PEOple should hear about and not about trying the whole menu or what the invitees feel they are entitled to.

Thus when the Chef mentioned he wanted us to try their Polenta table for the days experience, I am willing to admit I had no previous experience of the same.
As explained by the chef this dish requires advance preparation of 4 hours and has multiple components as part of it.


First, is the cornmeal porridge poured on a wooden board, on this they add different types of meat or veggies in our case there were chicken wings, chicken kebabs and chicken mince kebabs. This was followed by grilled vegetables:- peppers, mushroom, pineapple, broccoli. Top it with some pesto and marinara sauce.
Add some jalapeno, olives and salad leaves. Sprinkle some grated cheese for the finish.
A better tasting, guilt-free, tummy and soul-filling meal I haven’t found. Each individual chicken was cooked tender and not chewy or dry. The grilled vegetables didn’t go limp even after being placed on hot porridge.
This is one experience I would recommend everyone to try without fail.

After this, we tried one of the dishes recommend not just by the chef but also a fellow diner:-

Mutton Sultan:-Mutton on Brinjal Mash topped with Almond slices. Definitely not to be missed. You cannot imagine how well Brinjal Mash goes with Mutton, the dish was wiped clean.

Brocolli Potato balls:- New dish on the menu, can’t imagine a lighter way of having fried potatoes. Or easier way to get away with feeding broccoli to anyone who usually claims i don’t eat it. They will simply gorge on it.

Flourless Orange and Chocolate Cake

Flourless Chocolate and Orange Cake:-What could there possibly be to not like in that combo ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜

I really hope the Metro starts really soon, making travel to Deccan and paar quicker, making trips easier coz I would really really wanna go back soon to try the other new dishes they are whipping up.

This post is taken from Aditi Amte Patil‘s post in Pune Eat Outs.

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