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“The beauty of handmade and homemade lies in its imperfections”


Both Wife & Husband being Civil Engineers, a Hospitality start-up was never in their psyche. Until this thought got incepted when in 2011 Shweta Halingale staying in Magarpatta City, used to yearn for basic and decent home food post her pregnancy. Managing a 3-month baby and office workload didn’t permit her to cook, balancing both was a very extremely difficult task for the couple. It is not like they didn’t search for options around. They did, put a lot of efforts in searching simple but quality homely food tiffin services, and by one way or another, they fizzled and that is the way JoyFetch was venturedwith USP”Healthy & Fresh Homemade Food (with a dash of North Indian flavour, Less Spicy & Less Oily). Both being M-Techs & Shweta an IITian, statistical surveying was altogether done and found, that such a great amount of potential existed for homely food. Something that you would cook with hygiene and freshness, and with quality of ingredients that you would buy for yourself.


Somewhere in 2017 while working for a Civil Engineering MNC in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia, Shweta Halingale discussed leaving her job and starting her endeavour in Pune. This discussion with her Mom and both siblings was not an easy one. Leaving a professional career and entering into this, her Mom agreed only on a term that going next half-year she will be all doing all work alone with no outside assistance and on the off chance that she clears this test, possibly then she can permit her. The undertaking was not simple,

  • Cook your own
  • Wash utensil your own
  • Pack and deliver the tiffin your own
  • Manage Accounts and marketing and sales.

She accepted and passed the challenge, and somewhere in 2018, she moved into a commercial kitchen. Presently team size of 10-12 staff, JoyFetch empowers and encourages house-wives and women with cooking talents to work here full time and part-time. Her family being main Critics & advisory for her on the QA QC, along with cooking and management. Not to forget the immense backend support and contribution from third party delivery team LazyDoor Logistics for a year, JoyFetch is currently having an in-house delivery team.


Since day 1, Profit and Competition was never the principle maxim. Rather “serve people who are looking for homely food” and firmly believes let everyone in similar business grow together and better your food taste talks.Zero compromises towards hygiene and quality in preparation, packing and delivery.Being People’s person, the subscription model should be flexible, let both parties be in win-win. Something that works with unlimited validity of subscriptions, to help corporates and students to resume and carry forward their meals after they return from their travel or college vacations.


Till March they took a decent take off … but Kahani may twist, with “March Lock” impact force brought them to Ground Zero, did that idea constrain them to give up? No, “Never Give up” attitude and past learning helped them to take off again and with a good name in hygiene and quality, their old customers prefer them more than anyone else.Yes! as of today, subscriber count is less yet team JoyFetch is Confident “Acche Din Ayenge”.Now PEOple’s begun perceiving and comprehending the thought process of cleanliness during COVID, which helps them to convey the same as they been following the same standards before the tragic COVID things.I ought not to neglect, JoyFetch were the among the few (I am not sure if there is another) to deliver their food in boroscillate glass containers until lockdown, but with this new normal they are serving in the disposable packing currently.

This family is the Face behind Pattal , The Restaurant venture too. The same homecooked food is served there is a dine-in format in traditional leaf plates, Pattal. The restaurant is in a commercial office complex and aims at providing a pit stop and home-food for the professionals working here. They also host traditional ceremonies of families where you get the luxury of hot puris and food served at your table as if in a wedding or family event.

JoyFetch Enterprise
Registered Address:A402, Lotus Excellence Apartment, Pashan Sus Road, Pashan, Pune, MH 411021, IN
Hours 7am-11pm
Operational on All Days

Now available on PunEOrder.inhttps://puneorders.in/peo/joyfetch/
P.S: Pictures courtesy Joyfetch team 

This post is taken from Rohit Loya‘s post in Pune Eat Outs.

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