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Mithila’s Tasty Fleet by Mithila Pharande

From the day we are born, our loved ones start making plans for us. They start building castles in the air about what we would do when we become adults. But destiny has its own path and when combined with a catalyst called Passion, most of us end up doing what we term as our calling.

One such woman who found her calling is Mithila Pharande. An interior designer in her initial days, she dabbled a bit with banking domain before her passion of cooking emerged. However, as a teenager, she started her journey in the kitchen with a blank slate but over time she went from boiling water to making brilliant biryanis and much more today.

The main cooking story starts with her love marriage to a hardcore nonveg-loving person. She also proactively started cooking nonveg food at family get-togethers and voila! People just loved what she cooked. Her food had them singing laurels of her culinary skills. The taste was infectious and led to a chain reaction of orders pouring in. With her confidence boosted, Mithila embarked on trying out new stuff in her now domain of expertise – North Indian cuisine. Her family saw her dedication and sincere efforts, appreciated her work and thus her brainchild ‘Mithila’s Tasty Fleet’ was born.

Tasty food from hand to mouth and then word of mouth praises led to a bigger audience and wider horizons. She decided to set shop in the city to sell her food but the Corona pandemic had other plans. So what now?

Remember, you read the word Fleet above? and that is exactly where the other miracle happened. Her entire immediate family pitched in. Each one, even her inlaws, shared the tasks of cooking, photography and even punctual home deliveries. Even in today’s Corona era, there is no outside help involved and of course, all hygiene protocols are followed to the dot.

Her immediate family does everything from procuring raw material, processing it up to personally delivering the finished products. And this is what upheld the significance of the word Fleet for Mithila. For her, Fleet stands for determination and love from a family for one of their own who is putting in sincere efforts to translate her cooking skills into lip-smacking food, full stomachs and hearty smiles of her customers. Speaking of what she offers on the menu, it is predominantly North Indian (also read as excellent Butter Chicken included but noteworthy is her speciality of rolls and she has a standing order of veg and nonveg rolls from a local football team after their weekly game. More then the game, the team and their respective families look forward to the rolls from Mithila afterwards.

In conclusion, They say the journey to a person’s heart starts from the stomach and Mithila found her calling literally from stomach inside.I am in awe of her dedication towards her art and wish her huge success ahead. Watch out for this one, PEOple.
Woh Stree hai, woh already kitchen mein kamaal kar rahi hai!


This post is taken from Amit Dharwadkar‘s post in Pune Eat Outs.

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