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www.puneorders.in Our 1st Ever product without any commissions is live…. and you must see the list that’s growing every day..

I am making this post to kick-start talking about the eco-system we want to develop. .. #PEOpleStories

Creating food from home is challenging and we know a lot of our home bakers, confectioners, Chefs do that while managing many things. Starting with passion a lot of us also have a vision and create a niche for themselves and move beyond just their home circles and create a name for themselves. They invest time, money, life and turn the passion into something much bigger.

2 of such PEOple who were 1st to register in their sections are Kirti and Sonal !

Sonal, after over a decade in IT, started Petfeast India, a fresh and gourmet food products startup. Starting from home, her amazing products are now sold across stores in Pune and also available all over India online. A familiar name, its safe to say, she didn’t just start her venture, she popularized Pet Food the segment in Pune.

You can order Cakes, Cupcakes or treats for your Pets here – https://puneorders.in/peo/petfeast/
Don’t have one? You can gift it to your friends who will be happy to see their furry family cherish it.

Kirti, a little unconventionally did her Masters in Nutrition and Food processing, starting small yet professional she created her own brand of Chocolates: Luxus. A brand that uses only Pure Belgian Chocolates for all the products. With Luxus, it’s again niche, try their Bon Bons, Dragees or Bars right here – https://puneorders.in/peo/luxuschocolates/
Since she started, she has catered to over 2700 customers and we are sure, its only to grow from here. As she says, many of us are yet to eat real chocolate.

With POI, we will keep curating the Pune awesomeness, drive orders rightfully and as we say, will keep supporting Local, with a vision.


Hope you enjoyed our 1st of #PEOpleStories.. Here I announce our Pets and Bakers+Confectioners section open

This post is taken from Aniruddha Patil‘s post in Pune Eat Outs.

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