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PINK PARROT, Vimannagar

The current trend of a health-conscious society has taken aerated drinks and packaged juices which contain a lot of preservatives on a back seat. Even your routine ‘fresh juice wale bhaiya’ uses juicers which while processing, create heat, killing enzymes and vitamins in the fruits! What’s the solution to it? The quick-paced city life and the more than ever demand to optimal health, ‘cold – pressed’ juices are the perfect answer to it!

While there are commercially available ones in supermarkets, but what if I tell you, we have our very own ‘Puneri’ brand making them and delivering to your homes! Yes, Pink Parrot is the one for you!

SuboDh Reddewar, the owner, completed his Computer Engineering and went ahead with this startup of cold-pressed juices because it’s free of any added preservatives and chemicals, and absolutely fresh! Concentrated with every nutrient, vitamins, enzymes and the fibre in the fruits, its nothing but a power box in small size having entire content of whole fruits.

Subodh, during his college days and later too, observed, people busy in their work and family life have always ignored themselves in terms of health and nutrition which is really important in this environment where every food has chemicals. So much so, that the air you breathe is also not pure. So he thought of reminding people what they are missing in their diet and also to make them aware of the blissful nature of fruits for their body through his start-up!

Special care is being taken by them in this Pandemic, primarily by sourcing fruits direct from the farms. Every fruit is inspected personally, washed and cleaned with a vegetable purifier which assures it of being chemical or germ-free. Their bottles, containers and straws also are completely untouched by a third person which makes it safe to use. They make it compulsory to use head cap, hand gloves to ensure contactless production and the delivery boy also sanitizes himself regularly before and after deliveries.

With a backing of science, with so many benefits and with our own local brand, Pink Parrot is definitely here to stay and something you should look forward to if looking for a healthier lifestyle!

You can check it on www.puneorders.in for deliveries and subscriptions!

This post is taken from Shruti Digholkar‘s post on Pune Eat Outs.
Image Credits: Rohit Loya

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