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Kitchen Cornucopia by Cloves Catering,
Pimple Nilakh

The perks of having one of the best biryanis at home, I hardly order them from anywhere specially and I’m very fussy about it while dining in! I almost shrugged ‘I ain’t missing on anything if i miss out on this place’ but with the people I trust with food choices kept on nudging me to order from Kitchen Cornucopia by Cloves Catering!! It took me quite some time to realise, it was not just about the Biryanis – more on that later! First enquiry ,March 4 2018, second was 6 th November 2018, third and a delivery which finally worked out in December 2018! ( Don’t worry , I’m not a freak, just checked my whatsapp for the dates ๐Ÿ˜…!) I got a chance to finally visit a PEO event of Konkani food (yes, ironically veg! ) organised by Bapats,Vilekars & PEO at the Kitchen!

It took a bunch of (read almost drunk) PEOple at PEO meet to decide to make it for a table for 8 and I finally had that experience earlier in July and then again this time – a lovely couple cooking some exclusive meal for a table, with a group of people I would have called almost acquaintances then (when the impulsiveness of alcohol had worn off) and foodie-friends now whom I absolutely wish to dine with whenever possible!

The dine in experience: Its something you have to try it to know it, for sure! Its one thing to visit a restaurant to have something from the menu and another to fix a menu, yet have Prakishit Sir and Anuja ma’am surprise you with something else, have those dishes coming out of the kitchen to blow you over and you have to drive back with such a full tummy, you wish they could let you just sleep at their place! Chefs table in true sense!
( PS : Funda simple hai- get a group of 4-8, contact Parikshit Sir, plan a day and menu & enjoy the meal! )

The Food:
They specialise in CKP cuisine however they cook with honesty and serve with love – whatever comes out of the kitchen! From the most humble yet yummiest green chutney ever to the fresh catch of seafood ( they literally do not finalise the type of fish for fry till the morning of the table and decide on the fresh catch! – they also use no frozen fish which guarantees you the that amazing taste ) ,to their USP ,the kheema pattice – I have hardly been to any restaurant and served with flawless food one after the other! The simple murgh chargha to the rumali wadi ( a sort of maaswadi with kheema!) It was actually a surprise to have one of the best ghee roasts and a Mangalorean sukka here too the last time! And yes one of the best sol kadhis in town- the garlic and chilli taste on the first sip plus the amsul taste that lingers on- just perfect!


Biryanis: So far I’ve tried three chicken dum biryani, the Lucknowyi Zafrrani Biryani and the Ratnagiri kacche mutton ki Biryani . The first one – soooo similar to to what we make at home and you know the quality of ingredients used, the second one – I thought the saffron was a little overpowering the flavour but the third – blockbuster ! How I wish i just could do the Biryani a little more justice after all that food! But a mutton marinated in red masala overnight and slow cooked along with the rice for about 2 hours and yess,those potatoes ๐Ÿ˜ – I bet if you love your biryanis, you might just get the aroma of that while reading! Might sound exaggerated, but this is the one I’m ordering again soon!


Even after being known as Biryani King, I would say, lets not restrict them to it – they can give some top restaurants quite a competition with the kind of homely plus kickass food they serve! Also, for me personally, the experience of dining there is the favorite part of all that! ๐Ÿ˜Š

Attaching just some unedited pictures of yesterday’s meal!

This post is taken from Shruti Digholkar‘s post in Pune Eat Outs.

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