Pune Eat Outs 'coz Pune Eats Out!

Food is an emotion and we Punekar’s love our food as well as the places that make us nostalgic. A glimpse of our favourite place is enough to take us through memory lane from where we seldom like to come back.

Today, we’re here to walk you down this very memory lane with our latest partnership with the very talented Shikha.

Meet Shikha– a Pune-based artist, a passionate Illustrator and a Hand Letterer. Being a food lover and a travel buff, her art is inspired by people, places and culinary indulgences.

In the ‘100 days of Pune’ series, she shares her most iconic experiences of the city, taking you on a nostalgic ride with the most historic monuments, educational institutes, places of worship, the hustling-bustling markets and lanes of Pune and much more…

Through this series, Shikha has explored the food scenario in Pune, right from the legendary restaurants to the current favourites in the city.

Here’s taking you through a virtual food walk in Pune through Shikha’s ‘100 days of Pune’ series:

Image Credits: Shikha

Vohuman Cafe:
Vohuman Cafe is a legend in itself for its delicious cheese omelettes, Bun Maska and Irani Chai. Not just it’s food, but Pune loves Vohuman’s founder -Late Hormuz Irani or ‘Bawaji’, as what Punekars called him fondly, for his cheerful and witty personality.

Image Credits: Shikha

Chitale Bandhu Mithaiwale:
Set up in 1950 by the late Raghunathrao Chitale, Chitale Bandhu Mithaiwale is now one of Maharashtra’s largest manufacturers of sweets and snacks. Chitale’s Bakarwadi and Amba Barfi are somethings Punekars swear by.

Image Credits: Shikha

Blue Nile:
The Blue Nile, located in Camp, is famous for its delicious Biryanis amongst Punekars.

Image Credits: Shikha

Malaka Spice:
Malaka Spice is another legend in the city that’s loved by generations. It has been stealing hearts with their delicious inspired South-East Asian cuisine since 1997.

Image Credits: Shikha

Asha Dining Hall:
Located on Apte Road, Asha Dining Hall has been serving unlimited Maharashtrian Thali since 1949. This place is a go-to option for many for a homely and healthy meal.

Image Credits: Shikha

Le Plaisir:
Le Plaisir, which started off as a quaint and cosy cafe in 2012, is now a large set up on Prabhat Road. This Pune’s favourite has been serving delectable European cuisine, and their Espresso Panna cotta is something you must indulge in.

Did you find your favourite restaurant’s artwork here? Check it out on Shikha’s Instagram Page- @chicabeingme and buy her wide range of artwork- postcard, notebooks, stickers, badges and much more through Instamojo.

That’s not all, PEOple!

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