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Vasanu by Behram Ghadiali
(Rustom Baug, Building 7 – Flat 7 – Tel no: +91 9819422868)

Most non-Parsi’s will wonder what this is. I’ll explain it simply… It’s a Parsi Winter Treat. Made up of flour, over 20 types of herbs, ginger powder, clarified butter, sugar and dryfruits, this is truly a ‘winter delight’ for us Bawajees (read: Parsis)

My maternal granny Banoobai Buhariwalla (Pune) was an ace at making this.❣ Every winter, we’d sit with her, in the kitchen, watching her make this. Sometimes she’d allow us to churn the ladle for a minute or two. Tedious, time-consuming but when made right, the final outcome is sooooo yum! During her time, I’ve had the best Vasanu ever (nope no bias, just the God to honest truth). That is why I can easily differentiate good Vasanu from a mediocre one to some that are downright terrible.

Over the years I’ve bought Vasanu from various people, this time I decided to give the one from Behram Ghadiali (Mumbai) a try. No one over the years has, ever, even come close to the Vasanu made by Banoo Granny, this Vasanu, though, was exactly like the one she used to make. One spoonful and mum and I said, ‘exactly like Banoo Granny’s’ in unison. That is how perfect this was!

The sweetness, that perfect hit of soonth (ginger powder), the aroma of herbs & pure ghee and ample quantity of dry fruits… it was perfect!

If you want to know what fabulous Vasanu tastes like, give Behram Ghadiali a call. He is an eldery gentleman hence is unable to home deliver and nor does he have a delivery system in place but truly, do not miss out on the Vasanu he dishes out. He’s quite centrally located at Rustom Baug – Byculla – Mumbai (Cell no: +91 9819422868)

The 1st pic is Vasanu as i received it, the 2nd pic is Vasanu emptied into a bowl and the 3rd pic with the glistening Vasanu, is Vasanu heated in a microwave. It’s usually heated and eaten so as to allow the flavours to come together. There are, of course, people who prefer it room temperature or cold. Urgh!

The Vasanu costs Rs 275 for a quarter kilo. I paid Rs 550 as I bought a half kilo box. Trust me Bawas & Bawis, you don’t wanna miss this! ðŸ¤¤

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This post is taken from Kainaaz Writer Bokdawalla‘s post in Pune Eat Outs.

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