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Chianti Ristorante Pune (/kiˈænti/)
Buon Appetito!
Roused from finest Italian artisan food maker, Chianti Ristorante offers an extensive fine dining menu incorporating culinary creativity with exemplary Northern Italian ingredients.

Decor: Team Chianti have Put a lot of emphasis on the conviviality of the atmosphere with a traditional (somewhat close to) décor, wood chairs, and a look through the kitchen. This feeling really gives you comfort and the joy of life. Muted lighting, striking vintage photo frames, beautifully patterned Chandeliers, and basic but more Italian style tables and chairs. with a background playing instrumental jazz-funk fusion by Mezzo forte.

Food: The Chianti menu offers a wide range of various Italian cuisines; the menu is uncomplicated with a clear section of Pasta, Piatto (Platter), Salads, Pizza’s, Desserts.


The movement you settle and place your order, they will offer you a basket of Baguette slices alongside Cherry Tomatoes, Garlic cloves, Basil leaves, Olive oil ( which is available all-time on the table) with these you can make your “Bruschetta” till the time your food arrives on your table. Yes, This is on the House!!. An instruction card is available on tables; you simply have to follow the instruction…

It was my first time to attempt Italian Cream Soda with different flavors (Strawberry, Berry, Peach & Classic Vanilla), of which Berry and Classic Vanilla were extraordinary #something#different.

After, refreshing taste, we tried there Veg & Non-Veg Piatto(Platters),

– Piatto Di Vegetarian (veg platter), Consist of blend Veg Crostini, Bruschetta Pomodoro, Mozzarella Fritter, Fried Arrancinni and tempura fried Veggies, and on the off chance that somebody requests that I pick the best, then I will go with Mozzarella Fritter, Fried Arancini. Flavors of mozzarella (soft, moist texture full of milky flavors) and Arancini (stuffed brimming of flavors and oozing with melted cheddar) take centre stage in this signature creation.

Piatto Di Carne E Pesce (Non-Veg Platter): which comprises, Chicken Crostini, BBQ Chicken, Prawns Aglio, Crispy Calamari and Fried Basa Fish, from this platter I adored almost all items. Each item on the platter compliments each other taste, it was tough for me to choose anyone.

After gobbling the Platters in no time we called for the Pasta’s ( PASTA MADE & ROLLED IN HOUSE), they served us “Ravioli Di Spinaci E Ricotta (Veg)” stuffing of Spinach ricotta, It was a complete winning pair of “stuffed Spinach ricotta” and “parmesan Cheese”, this pasta was a perfect cradle for the sauce.

Ravioli Di Petto D’ Anatra (Non-Veg): Don’t get confused with Name, it was basically a Non-Veg Pasta dish with a base ingredient as Duck meat. Ravioli loaded down Duck meat, Cheese & Onions and tossed with parsley in cream Sauce (white). The meat was complete tender and fused so much with all flavours one can’t resist. to put it plainly, it was a tantalizing treat that guaranteed to make any food lover drool.

Spaghetti Aglio Olio Frutti Di Mare (Non-Veg):
Traditional Italian pasta dish from Naples, Spaghetti mixed with seafood, Garlic & Olive oil and Pepperoncino trust me, each selected ingredient contributes to the greatness of the dish #Musttry.

Ravioli Di Petto D’ Anatra
Ravioli Di Spinaci E Ricotta

And then this show stopper show up’s from Pizza Section,

Del Chianti (Non-Veg)- Pollo Alla Griglia (Non-Veg)- Prosciutto Ai Funghi (Non-Veg)
All above Pizza’s were HERO’s in itself, each pizza got his own distinct flavors, may it be toppings, Sauces or Seasonings. Del Chianti is was topped with Pesto Chicken, Pollo Alla Griglia was topped with BBQ chicken wherein Prosciutto Ai Funghi was topped with dry-cured ham.
Somewhat “Prosciutto Ai Funghi” grab my attention, dry-cured ham thinly sliced and served uncooked which taste, Achtung baby! #HighlyRecommended.

Prosciutto Ai Funghi

********** No matter where I have Pizza now, I will be ending up comparing it to Chianti now **********

And ended with Tempting “Dolci Platter”, of which “ Tiramisu” & “Bomba Di Cioccolato” were a culinary masterpiece that intertwines flavor and texture.

Dolci Platter

Insider Tips: – Whether you are celebrating a romantic evening out, a family gathering, a business luncheon, or any other celebration, Chianti offers fine menu options and a setting suitable for the most discerning tastes. – They have Special Lunch Menu (serve 3 Course), Kids Menu & High Tea, do check for Pricing.. you never know, you may grab a good deal! – Do make a note, they serve there Pizza’s in 8″ & 11″- The ingredients were all fresh and represented the best in Italy. – Almost all types of Pasta are made Rolled in house.

Value for Money: The slightly higher pricing was justified by the flavors, quantity and beautiful presentation! So yes, you won’t regret on your spending.

This post is taken from Rohit Loya‘s post in Pune Eat Outs.

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