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When was the last time it is happened to you that you devoured a huge spread and couldn’t decide which dish was the best or where you feel there is not a single dish in which you could point out a fault or room for improvement. Well, happened to me last week at Women’s day special #peotastingtable . When everything is executed with so much of love, putting all the efforts to every possible small aspect, lot of thoughts, after bunch of trials from hotel staff to commoners, some eliminations and then zeroing down from 240 to 60 dishes, with that final marvelous menu- it is bound to happen!! This is a tale about ZETA ; the very first non speciality restaurant in a 5 star hotel which promises to be your go to restaurant and not just an occasional one, without burning hole to your pocket. Rates are almost same as any standalone restaurant.

Zeta has something amazing to offer for each n every person.
Menu that ranges from salads or superbowls, parsi style prawns to calicut style calamari, zucchini canneloni to bbq pork belly, asparagus tacos to tenderloin steak. And not to forget their inhouse baked bread n dips, beetroot hummus and avacado hummus to start the meal with.

• Inspired from cuisines around different parts of world.
Menu which is inspired by different cuisines around the world yet feel very own to Indian palate. And yes, every dish has a unique inspiration story. 
Say for example- their take on bcg( butter chilli garlic) is altogether next level! Filo pastry baked brie with a hint of chilli served with raw papaya relish(which is inspired from bangali panchforan peper dom). 
Or consider that creamy cauliflower soup – their take on french veloute. That twist with andhra ghee roasted cauliflower just elavated flavors! 
Or that barbequed pork belly served with japanese style rice
Or those crispy aspagarus fried in japanese style placed on quinoa flour tacos with Mediterranean dips. Got the drift what I am talking about!?

You experience perfect balance of flavours.
That spiciness of parsi style prawns is blalanced by pairing up with multigran cheesy pao and mango relish- deadly combination! Then there was that parchament baked salmon with not so bold flavours of truffle beautifully complemented by saucy mushrooms.

Some comfort food for soul always does the magic.
Because everyone loved their choice of meat yet plate of Zucchini canneloni and Ricotta spinach ravioli disappeared in seconds, faster than any other dish. Not to underestimate humble chicken which shined like a star. Devil’s grilled chicken served with chicken hummus n caramalised onions is definetely must have!

And there is also a treat to your sweet tooth! 
Because confused kid in you couldn’t decide your favourite pick from desserts and kept on taking a spoonful alternatively from gooey chocolate mousse topped up with marshmallows, banoffee pie and tiramisu and definitely brought smiles on the faces present there. Look at those cute happiness jars. Zeta succeeded to what they promised- bringing smiles!

People, don’t miss to visit this happy place 😊

Thank you PEO, Aniruddha, team Zeta , Chef Anirban Dasgupta and Chef Rohit for lovely memorable evening and making Women’s day special.

This article is taken from Sayali Yevale-Raundal‎ post in Pune Eat Outs.

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